Improve site speed

1 year ago by giacholari

When in production, there a few things that you could do, to enhance a website's speed. First and foremost, make sure that CSS and JavaScript are minified and compressed. In addition to that, it would be great if you could cache static content such as those I mentioned before, using a CDN or any other way that suits your requirements. Next, ensure that images are also compressed and served at their intended dimensions. There is no need to upload an image in its full size unless required. Another tip to consider is to defer the execution of JavaScript by specifying the defer attribute in a script. Last but not least, be careful with your database queries. Be very specific on what data you load on the page, and leverage indexes and eager loading. Obviously, you could do more than that. There is a great website that you can use to scan your own site and get recommendations. The service is called Gtmetrix and you can visit the site by following this link