Framework Upgrade

11 months ago by giacholari

Upgrading the framework version is painful. The more you deviate from the conventions, the harder it gets to change the codebase to accommodate new features. It gets even harder when your web application depends on many other libraries (this is because you need to upgrade them accordingly). Luckily, the Laravel documentation is second to none and hence it is really useful/thorough when indicating which files to add, remove or update. I updated my blog which was running on version 5.5 to 8.0 in a weekend. Going through this process seemed to be really beneficial in understanding how things work under the hood and why should you avoid changing the structure of the framework but instead stick to the basics. If you have the chance, do go through this process - you might learn a thing or two. Thing to consider:
  • Update your composer.json file to indicate the latest version of the framework - plus any other dependencies and run composer update.
  • Update/add/remove any files as per
  • Run the tests - if any.