About me

3 years ago by giacholari

I am a 2nd-year student from Aston University studying computing with business. Lately, I have been experimenting with different web application frameworks such as Laravel and express. Now, I do work as a web developer in a web design agency and I get to do what I really like. Having started programming 3 years ago, now I know how much I do not know or even better how many things I need to learn. Programming is an endless craft that requires continuous practice. It could be tough for some people. However, if you get into it and you do enjoy it, then it becomes addictive. The following blog posts will mainly include things about my journey into this field. I will talk about the issues I get and how I do face them. In addition to that, I will also point newcomers to resources that I think are useful, in order to ease their learning. Follow along!